ATV Garden Plows – UPDATED For 2021 – Your Quick-Start Guide

So, you’re looking into ATV garden plows?

ATVs were once thought to be just a luxurious way to move people and things around the yard. But with all the technological advancements that have been developed, modern ATV’s become powerful work tools too.

And with their ease of maneuverability and the fact you already have one, it can make more sense than buying a different machine to do the same job.

One of the most labor intensive jobs in the garden or field is plowing. And having a machine that can break up and loosen soil makes all the difference.

Because of that, having an attachment that can be pulled behind an ATV that makes plowing easier is definitely something to look into.

With that said, ATV garden plows are available in all sorts of different options that you can choose from.

In this guide, I’m going to talk about the different factors you should take into account when choosing an ATV garden plow.

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ATV Garden Plows – A Complete Guide

However small or big your garden or yard is, preparing the soil for cultivation is an important part of your gardening routine. By breaking up the soil, you’re making sure that your seeds have a chance to find good ground in which they can grow. As soil is broken down, nutrients, water and air can find their ways a lot more easily to the roots of the plants you’re trying to grow.

An ATV garden plow sure makes this process a lot easier. I mean, you can just ride your 4wheeler over the field rather than trying to do it by hand. Much more fun!

Needless to say, in the process of tilling the ground you can be riding over some really tough terrain. Which is what your 4wheeler was made for. But along those lines, your garden plow needs to be a heavy-duty attachment so that it can easily power through tough, rocky soil.

If it isn’t built to last, it’s going to be hard to cultivate hard surfaces into manageable soil that’s suitable for growing.

Sure, you could get a walk-behind plows and use your own strength and sweat to move it.

Or you could let your ATV do the hard work for you.

Convinced of the value of this tool? Great! Let’s get into this.

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Important Considerations for Buyers

Here are some of the most important things you should keep in mind as you’re thinking of buying the right ATV garden plow.

Garden Size vs Size of the ATV Garden Plows

The first thing to consider is the size of your garden. This will dictate how big a pull behind plow you need. If it’s too small, it will take way more time to complete the job. On the other hand, if you get something that’s too big for your garden space, it’ll make plowing super difficult to move around.

ATV Fitment

ATV garden plows are available in all sorts of different options. So it almost goes without saying that you have to make sure that you’re getting something that will fit your 4wheeler. Almost goes without saying πŸ™‚

The Garden Plow for ATV Budget…

When you’re buying some tools, getting cheap ones might be fine. Unfortunately this isn’t the case when looking for a plow. Keep in mind that you’re going to be using it in rocky, difficult soil so it needs to be built to last. If you cheap out and get a low-quality plow you might end up trying to fix it more than use it.

Quality aside, generally the more you spend the more features you’re likely to get. But don’t just buy a super-expensive product if you’ll never use the extra features that justify the higher price tag.

The brand of the tool can come into play when buying. But it comes down more to the quality of the build rather than the badge on the tool.

If you’re able to, have a look at the tool’s bearings, frame, tines, finish and anything else you can. Look for a high-quality frame, heavy-duty tines, and a powder-coated finish to make sure your equipment lasts longer.

Plow Function

These attachments come in different plow styles, so you should choose a plow that fits the type of soil that you have.

If you have really difficult rocky soil, you might want to look at getting a chisel plow like this one.

atv chisel plow

If the ground isn’t quite as extreme, maybe look at getting more of a ATV garden disc.

atv garden disc


Or if you’re cutting furrows in your ground, you might want to look at a ATV garden tiller. As you can see here.

atv garden tiller

Overall Size of Your 4Wheeler Plow

You can find garden plows ranging from a small hand-held models to up to those a few feet long equipment that are towed behind vehicles.

For our purposes here, you’ll probably be looking to get models ranging from 36 to 48 inches in width. You should also consider the height of the plow, or the depth of which it can till the ground. Some models allow for depth adjustment, which helps deal better with different types of soil.

Plow Warranty

This might be seen as pretty obvious. But having a warranty can give you peace of mind that you’re covered in case things don’t work as expected. A warranty will allow you to really try out the tool and make sure it’ll do the job it was intended for.

Maneuverability of the Garden Plow

When I say maneuverability I’m talking about the ease of which you’re able to pull the plow with your ATV or lawnmower. A high-quality tool should maneuver effortlessly on different types of surfaces. If your plow features any sort of tires, keep in mind that pneumatic tires are better at bouncing off objects and increase maneuverability.

The ATV Garden Plows Storage

An ATV garden plow is an expensive investment. So you shouldn’t leave it out in the weather. Taking the time to store it properly will help protect your investment.

So this is where size can become a factor. The bigger the tool, the more space it will take up. So if you’re buying a plow, make sure you’ve got a place to put it.


Most gardeners find the task of preparing the soil pretty tedious and boring because of all the time and effort it requires. But a good ATV garden plow can make this process easy and fun.

After all, if you can get work done just by riding your ATV, why wouldn’t you?

So, if you’re ready to start looking at your options, I suggest you check out the lowest prices available here on Amazon.

If you’re looking for other ATV attachments for gardening, be sure to look at our ATV Sprayer Review post here.

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